about me

Some call me Braun, some Brauni and some people use my real name, which is Inga.

You might know me without knowing that you know me.
You may wonder who I am…

Shoutout to OG who made a great IWD campaign and edited this video ♥

But besides the person on Tundra I am a (bad) Dota player, sometimes a streamer, cosplayer, photographer, an artist,… just someone who loves the Dota scene and wants to make it bigger and better.

Also look at my Dark Willow Cosplay @ ESL One Birmingham:

Alrighty, so funfact:
Braun/Brauni is actually just a short form for Braunbaerin which is the German word for a female brown bear. But for some reason no one can pronounce it – Weirdge.

What kind of person am I?

I’m always trying to be a pma* person – doesn’t always work )

Funny, sensitive, ironic, nice, self-confident, strong-willed


Passionate, sincere, fair, stubborn, helpful, empathetic, funny, imaginative, open-minded / open, a bit stiffened when you are focused on something (idk if there is a word for it..)


Well, you are an open and happy person, very communicative and structured and goal-oriented and quick-witted and you have a quick grasp of things.


You’re good at cooking and baking and very creative!


Be part of the bear fam:

* pma = positive mental attitude