about me

I am Braun.
You may wonder who I am…

I am a (bad) Dota player, streamer, kinda cosplayer, mod for Taiga on Twitch, photographer, Nigma and Team Liquid fan, an artist, the Social Media Manager for High Coast Esports.. I am Braun.

Braun is actually just a short form for Braunbaerin because most people can’t pronounce this ^^
Well I love bears. Especially brown bears because they are so fluffy and cute and I want to cuddle them and… Okey, sorry.
I thought calling myself a brown bear would be nice. So I was stupid and chose the German female word for it – Braunbaerin.

Good luck, pronouncing it right 🙂

My real name is Inga. But I actually don’t care if you call me Inga, Braun, Braunbaerin, Brauni, Bron (thanks Taiga ._. ) or whatever ♥

What kind of person am I?

I’m always trying to be a pma* person.

Funny, sensitive, ironic, nice, self-confident, strong-willed


funniest person i ever met. just kidding.


Passionate, sincere, fair, stubborn, helpful, empathetic, funny, imaginative, open-minded / open, a bit stiffened when you are focused on something (idk if there is a word for it..)


Well, you are an open and happy person, very communicative and structured and goal-oriented and quick-witted and you have a quick grasp of things.


You’re good at cooking and baking and very creative!


Be part of the bear fam:

* pma = positive mental attitude