first steps and the “why?”

Well.. How do all the esport things starting?
There was this friend who told me that I should really try Dota. He told me what a great game it is and after a few months I said “okey, okey, I will try it”. I thought that I’d just play it two or three times and then I would say to him “Nah, sorry, this game isn’t something for me.”
That was in February 2017, so five years ago. Didn’t work as planned, huh?

I was working as a retail clerk, about to get into a management role and was pretty good at management and marketing.
But then in 2020.. something bothered me. I didn’t have the feeling that I would want to do this job forever. I didn’t have any other idea at that point but got into some Dota communities. The first one was OGs Discord server. It was so wholesome and nice and I slowly discovered how much potential the scene has, how many things can be better, what can orgs can improve on. And that was the moment where I found out what I want to do.

I wanted to be a Social Media/Community Manager. I wanted to to interact with the fans, give them back what they give to the players and orgs.
So I decided to quit my job mid 2020. I made a further education about Social Medias (just in case that I don’t make it to the scene I’d still be able to just get into that job in another company). I finished that education at the beginning of January 2021.

but… how do I get into an org?

Yeah… That was the big question. What should I do now? What is my next step?

I tried to just apply for some jobs in the scene, hoping that something would work out. Spoiler: It didn’t.
But at one day I was scrolling through Twitter and surprise! There was a tweet of High Coast Esports who were looking for two Social Media Manager – one for EU, one for NA.