Great, I’ve definitely committed to this and kept track of everything.

I could go into detail but TLDR:
I left HCE, joined Tundra for 1.5 years, left Tundra to join Entity for 1 year, am back at Tundra now. I work fulltime in esports since January 2022. 🙂

Long version: Joining Tundra for the first time was of course a lot of hard work cause people started to know me from art, streams and some posts on the HCE account. But it was also so much luck. The team manager of Tundra (Curtis Coffin) messaged me on Twitter one day, saying that Tundra is looking for a SMM for their Dota team. Holy, I was so down to do that, so I sent everything to his (our) boss and I actually got the job!

It was a trial first, part time, not a high salary but I also didn’t work a lot at that time, I was mostly just there to cover their games. Tundra didn’t qualify to TI but they decided that I’ll stay with them and in January 2022 I got a full time contract which was permanent. Which by that time was not that normal in esports I think. I learned a lot in 2022, went to different events, media days and was with Tundra when they won The International 2022!

But then – after TI – I decided that I need a change, new challenges because I wanted to grow. And the timing was perfect because I got an offer from Entity. I joined Entity as their Social Director, overviewing their social channels, the content, graphics, working with sponsors, hiring people. It was a lot, many new things and I was overwhelmed sometimes. But nontheless I managed to do all these new tasks. I learned so much that helps me still at work and also in my personal life.

When I was on Entity, I traveled to Lima, Riyadh and Seattle to be with the team, get the content that was needed and learning the beauty of these citys and their people. I’ve also attended the Berlin Major where I cosplayed the first time, which was such a new and exciting experience!

All together I’ve to say that I learned a lot, that I made incredible experience, met amazing people and if you have the chance, then do it. Try it. You regret what you didn’t try. You don’t want to ask the “what if”s, you want to say “At least I tried it and can say it didn’t work”.

If I could go back in time, I would do it all again, the same mistakes, the same positive experiences, meeting the same people because that’s why I’m here now.

So what will be in the future? We will never know but what I know is that this year I’ve been to ESL One Birmingham already, my flight for Riyadh Masters is booked and everything after that is an surprise!


first steps and the “why?”

Well.. How do all the esport things starting?
There was this friend who told me that I should really try Dota. He told me what a great game it is and after a few months I said “okey, okey, I will try it”. I thought that I’d just play it two or three times and then I would say to him “Nah, sorry, this game isn’t something for me.”
That was in February 2017, so five years ago. Didn’t work as planned, huh?

I was working as a retail clerk, about to get into a management role and was pretty good at management and marketing.
But then in 2020.. something bothered me. I didn’t have the feeling that I would want to do this job forever. I didn’t have any other idea at that point but got into some Dota communities. The first one was OGs Discord server. It was so wholesome and nice and I slowly discovered how much potential the scene has, how many things can be better, what can orgs can improve on. And that was the moment where I found out what I want to do.

I wanted to be a Social Media/Community Manager. I wanted to to interact with the fans, give them back what they give to the players and orgs.
So I decided to quit my job mid 2020. I made a further education about Social Medias (just in case that I don’t make it to the scene I’d still be able to just get into that job in another company). I finished that education at the beginning of January 2021.

but… how do I get into an org?

Yeah… That was the big question. What should I do now? What is my next step?

I tried to just apply for some jobs in the scene, hoping that something would work out. Spoiler: It didn’t.
But at one day I was scrolling through Twitter and surprise! There was a tweet of High Coast Esports who were looking for two Social Media Manager – one for EU, one for NA.